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How do you go about exploring an acquisition with a competitor

How Do You Go About Exploring an Acquisition with a Competitor?

Growing by acquiring a competitor is a common tactic for companies looking to quickly grab market share through a consolidation. However, exploring an acquisition opportunity with a rival can be awkward as neither party wants to give the other a competitive advantage by sharing company secrets. Typically, a rival, especially in a not-for-sale situation will […]

How Buyers Unintentionally Destroy Acquisition Value in Integration

How Buyers (Unintentionally) Destroy Acquisition Value in Integration

Integration proves to be one of the most difficult pieces of the M&A puzzle to get right. Buyers often try integrating the target’s systems into their own, only to realize too late they are destroying the very value they wished to acquire. Large food companies are learning this lesson from past mistakes and adjusting their […]

Why You Need a Mergers & Acquisitions Lawyer

Why You Need a Mergers & Acquisitions Lawyer

Most people know they will need a lawyer to finalize an acquisition, but many assume any lawyer will do. This is not true. While your attorney friend may be a top-notch patent lawyer, chances are he or she will not be equipped to offer specialized guidance in mergers and acquisitions. Think about it this way: […]

M&A Update 3Q 2018.

M&A Update: 3Q 2018

Global M&A value reached $3.3 trillion in the first nine months of 2018, an increase of 37% while the number of deals decreased by 9% when compared to the same period in 2017. Despite this record-breaking M&A activity, announced deals in the third quarter slowed by 32% to $743 billion when compared to the $1.2 […]

3 Mistakes Credit Unions Make in M&A

3 Mistakes Credit Unions Make in Strategic Mergers & Acquisitions

Done right, external growth through a strategic partnership, merger, or acquisition can propel your credit union to the next level, helping you bring value to members and your organization. Although rewarding, external growth can be a complicated process that’s not without risk. Here are the top three mistakes credit union leaders make and how you […]

What Is Included in the Purchase Agreement?

What Is Included in the Purchase Agreement?

The purchase agreement is the legal document that officially seals the deal between buyer and seller. While each transaction is unique, most agreements contain the following sections: Sale and Purchase – This section includes the terms of the transaction such as the Buyer and Seller names, type of transaction, Stock, Asset, or Merger, and the […]

Michael Kors Buys Versace - 3 Lessons for Strategic Acquirers

Michael Kors to Buy Versace – 3 Lessons for Acquirers

Michael Kors will purchase Versace for $2.1 billion as part of a plan to build a luxury fashion empire. After the deal closes, Michael Kors will change its name to Capri Holdings and have 18,000 employees worldwide. While you may (or may not) be a fashionista, here are three lessons any strategic acquirer can learn […]

CU Conferences Products and Services Conference 2018

How to Offer the Right Products and Services for Members – Capstone Speaks at CU Conferences

In today’s fast-paced business environment, offering the right products and services to keep up with with member demand and technological changes can be a challenge. To succeed credit unions must first determine what their members want and then determine how to offer the best solution. Capstone Managing Director John Dearing explored these topics with credit union […]

Alibaba acquires 10% stake in Mail.Ru

China’s Alibaba Expands Ecommerce Presence in Russia with Minority Stake in Mail.Ru

Alibaba, China’s internet giant, will purchase a 10% stake of Mail.Ru, one of Russia’s largest internet companies, to expand its ecommerce reach in Russia. As part of the deal, Alibaba, Mail.Ru, telecom company MegaFon, and Russia’s sovereign wealth fund, will form a joint venture called AliExpress Russia. Alibaba will have a 48% stake in the […]

Millennials: A Generation Credit Unions Can’t Afford to Ignore

Millennials: A Generation Credit Unions Can’t Afford to Ignore

Millennials have surpassed baby boomers and now account for roughly 80 million people in the US. More importantly, millennials have massive buying power, spending roughly $60 billion per year, which is projected to reach $1.4 trillion by 2020, and will comprise 75% of the global workforce by 2025. In contrast, the average age of credit […]

How much to pay for an acquisition

How Much Should You Pay for an Acquisition?

How much should a buyer pay for an acquisition? The short answer is, it depends. Because each company’s situation is unique there is no one rule of thumb for naming your price. Valuation is one of the critical components in establishing the financial worth of a company. In mergers and acquisitions one of the most commonly […]

Campbell Soup to Divest Fresh and International Businesses

Campbell Soup to Divest Fresh and International Businesses

Campbell plans to sell its fresh foods and international businesses to refocus on core products in North America. The fresh foods business includes brands such as Bolthouse Farms and Garden Fresh Gourmet, which were acquired in 2012 and 2015, respectively. In a time when many food and beverage companies are seeking to increase their hold […]

Coke buys Costa

A Wake Up Call for Starbucks? Coca-Cola Buys Coffee Chain Costa

In its latest move to diversify beyond soda, Coca-Cola is buying Costa, a UK-based coffee chain for $5.1 billion. The deal will give Coke access to the coffee market in Europe, the Middle East and Asia through Costa’s 4,000 stores. Coke plans to use its distribution network to further Costa’s expansion and challenge rivals like […]

Middle Market Valuations

Middle Market Valuations Remain High – What It Means for Buyers

Middle market valuations have remained high throughout 2018. For deals between $10-$250 million, the latest report from GF Data notes TEV/adjusted EBITDA multiples averaged 7.4x during Q2 2018 consistent with valuation multiples from Q2 2017. As noted in our earlier analysis, deals in general are trending upward, including transactions in the middle market. Strategic acquirers […]

3 Ways to Successfully Integrate Different Workforces

3 Ways to Successfully Integrate Different Workforces

One of the most common questions we receive is how to integrate two vastly different company cultures. There are many ways company cultures can vary. Often, we see a bigger company and a much smaller company, an entrepreneurial company and a process-driven company, or a tech-heavy company and one that is not. Sometimes cultures are […]

Capstone's John Dearing on the Physical Therapy Owners Club Podcast

Capstone’s John Dearing Talks Mergers & Acquisitions on the Physical Therapy Owners Club Podcast

Do you have a plan for the future?  Whether you are looking to grow your business or cash out, having a strategic plan is key to success. As mergers and acquisitions activity becomes more and more heated in the physical therapy space, owners thinking of selling (or buying) must evaluate various factors and begin developing […]

5 Tips for Creating an Integration Plan

5 Tips for Creating an Integration Plan

Bringing two companies together through an acquisition is a massive undertaking that requires a significant amount of research and planning and dedicated resources to make it happen. It is the culmination of months (or perhaps years) of dedication and hard work. Unfortunately, far too often, companies struggle with integration and poor integration can detract or […]

Credit Unions Face New Competition from Private Equity

Credit Unions, Banks Face New Competition from Private Equity

Private equity is creeping into the role typically taken on by traditional financial institutions like credit unions and banks: business lending. The Wall Street Journal estimates PE firms loans to midsized business jumped from $300 billion in 2012 to over $500 billion in 2017 and this trend is expected to continue. Private equity firms, like […]

What Do Mega Deals Mean for the Middle Market

What Do Mega Deals Mean for the Middle Market?

It’s been a hot year for mergers and acquisitions with a record $2.5 trillion in deal value announced in the first six months. At least 36 deals over $10 billion in value and 81 deals valued over $5 billion were announced in the first half of 2018. Mega deals are on the rise and driving […]

Beginning Integration Planning After the Deal Closes: A Mistake You Must Avoid

Beginning Integration Planning After the Deal Closes: A Mistake You Must Avoid

One of the biggest mistakes a leader can make is to begin thinking about integration after a deal closes. By that time, it is already too late, and you will be left scrambling to piece together a haphazard plan. After the transaction closes employees from both buyer and seller will be working side-by-side and systems […]