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Why You Should Pursue Markets Before Prospects in M&A

Many people begin pursuing M&A by listing possible companies to buy. But there’s a far better approach when you’re planning an acquisition. While a prospect company may look exciting today, a closer inspection can reveal it is operating in a a shrinking market. If you’ve invested all your resources pursuing one company only to find […]

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The Role of Corporate Secretaries in Mergers & Acquisitions

Capstone Managing Director John Dearing spoke at the Society of Corporate Secretaries Governance Professionals‘ Middle Atlantic Chapter Spring Conference on May 28. He participated in the Corporate Secretary’s Roundtable and shared advice for corporate secretaries during M&A. Corporate secretaries play an important role which often extends beyond administrative duties to implementing decisions of the board […]

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Aligning Buyer and Seller Functional Leaders in Due Diligence

Q: “What if the buyer and seller functional leaders do not match? How do you coordinate the two sides?” We take a functional approach to due diligence where we encourage your leaders from sales, marketing, finance, operations and other functional areas to meet with their respective leaders on the seller’s side. A functional approach ensures […]

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