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The Wrong Place to Start an Acquisition Process

 Many people begin by listing possible companies to buy. But there’s a far better approach when you’re planning an acquisition. You start getting excited about a target company that has fantastic financials and is growing exponentially. You imagine the synergies the deal will generate. Success is so close you can almost taste it…but after digging

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Healthcare Services M&A Extraordinarily Strong

Mergers and acquisitions for healthcare services were “extraordinarily strong” in the second quarter of 2014, according to analysis conducted by Scott-Macon. The Affordable Care Act has changed the healthcare industry dramatically, spurring re-alignments across multiple sectors. A wide range of businesses conducted acquisitions in 2Q 2014, including hospitals, private equity, software solution providers and consulting

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David Braun Speaks on M&A at 2014 European Base Oils & Lubricants Summit

Capstone CEO David Braun will present “Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures and M&A – the Route to Success?” at the 2014 European Base Oil & Lubricants Summit in Alicante, Spain on September 18. The two-day conference brings together leading executives and experts in the lubricant and base oil industry from established Western Europe and U.S. markets

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