The M&A Revival?

spider-manThree recent deals are being heralded as “the revival” of the M&A market.  Although the linked article captures some of the larger buy-side deals (for example Disney’s $4 billion purchase of Marvel) that are now beginning to emerge, we here at Capstone are seeing a similar trend in the area of the market where we mainly focus: smaller to mid-size ($25 to $200 million) transactions. Firms are beginning to react to the apparent improvement in economic conditions (according to some indicators, but not all – see today’s unemployment numbers), and wish to capitalize on lower prices and expectations before a full recovery occurs.

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    Our market research into pent up cash reflects there will likely be highly increased acquisition activity through 2009 and into 2010 within the lower middle market, where the deals are less complicated, synergistic, and as well these deals usually reflect a higher ROI.

    The money seeking investment has not disappeared, it is just very cool to the large deal.

    Gene Sartin
    President & CEO
    The Transition Companies

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