A Note on Meeting Notes

This post was submitted by Capstone Managing Director John Dearing:

When you meet with a target company OWNER, make sure you capture your thoughts immediately thereafter.

There are several reasons this is important:

1. You will (if properly prepared) undoubtedly gain valuable insights into the inner workings of the company
2. This data should be utilized to evaluate whether or not your company remains interested in pursuing the opportunity
3. M&A is not a one person process – this data should be shared with others for their analysis and thoughts
4. If you have an acquisition plan and strategic rationale established, you (or your team) need to test whether or not this company, market, technology still fits given the new information
5. The data will be used during due diligence, negotiations and integration (business terms can also be developed from these summaries as well)

Something as simple as notes, can increase your likelihood of not only appropriate resource allocation, but also increase your likelihood for success in the world of M&A.


Photo tane by @boetter