A Record Number of Consumer Product Deals

just-for-menAccording to the Wall Street Journal,  November 2009 was the biggest month in over a year for deals involving consumer products and food and drinks firms, with $12.54 billion in acquisitions.  And it doesn’t look like this momentum will be stopped.  Kettle Chips, Just for Men and Grecian Formula hair-coloring products, Aqua Velva cologne, Brylcreem hair gel, Vagisil feminine products and Ambi Pur brand are all reported to be on the block.  It is interesting to me that such well known brand name companies would sell in a down market. I believe the consumer product industry continues to have seismic changes as younger people are less tied to brands, while at the same time distribution channels like Wal-Mart have strengthening power over their suppliers and continue to expand their private label products. I anticipate more product consolidation as companies like P&G have to remain relevant to their customers and maintain some economies of scale. Perhaps at the end we will have some consumer product companies “too big to fail.”