David Braun’s Must-Read Guide to Acquisitions for the Middle Market

What do you do when growth stalls? Watch David Braun’s compelling answer in this short video.

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What Readers Say

“David Braun has managed to nail the art of Successful Acquisitions. The book offers business leaders a clear perspective with abundant real-life examples. It is an essential read for companies looking to buy or sell.”

Larry B. Pulley, Dean of the Mason School of Business, the College of William and Mary

“David Braun has authored the best book I have read on the subject of assessing growth options for small and mid-cap firms and, with startling clarity, he outlines the basics of the M&A process. Over twenty years’ experience is poured into this book that enlightens the reader on a step by step “Roadmap to Acquisition.”

Dennis Mussell, Retired CEO of Chicken of the Sea International

“This book is a must-read for C-level and HR executives who are considering (or already planning) growth through acquisition … Successful Acquisitions is the manual for “interviewing” and screening companies to be sure you acquire the correct company that helps your business grow … David Braun proves the benefits of M&A are not limited to large Fortune 500 companies, but are within the grasp of small and mid-sized companies as well.”

Chicago Human Resources Examiner

Successful Acquisitions is a must read for all business leaders interested in growth through acquisition … The book is easy to read and packed with practical tips for executing an acquisition … Both first-time acquirers and experienced M&A practitioners will find the advice in Successful Acquisitions useful and profitable.”

Jim Dunn, CEO iTOK, SmartCEO

“If you have been presented with third party offers to buy your business, or you’re considering acquiring another business, read this book.”

Pierre DeBois, Founder of Zimana – Small Business Trends

“I can honestly say if and when the time comes for my company to investigate any type of merger and acquisition strategy this will be the first resource I turn to in charting our path.”

George Rodriguez, Book Leverage Blog

About Successful Acquisitions

Here are just some of the essentials that you will learn from Successful Acquisitions

  • Why a systems approach to acquisition is so important (and so rarely applied)
  • The pros and cons of acquisition compared to other growth avenues
  • How to lay the strategic foundations for a successful purchase
  • Why it is best to look for companies that are NOT for sale
  • The value of a relationship-based approach to acquisition
  • The importance of understanding “the seller’s equation”
  • Why you must limit yourself to ONE reason for buying a company

Plus these essentials

  • The benefits of a market-first strategy
  • How to build and balance your acquisition team
  • The special — and limited — role of the CEO in the acquisition process
  • When and how to use third-party resources
  • Knowing your position on the opportunity matrix
  • How to conduct target research effectively and stealthily
  • The importance of defining your ideal prospect
  • The meaning of “company DNA” and why it is critical to success

You’ll get vital practical tips

  • How to conduct the first, all-important phone call
  • Why you must learn to love hearing “no”
  • The exact process for conducting a successful first meeting
  • The critical difference between valuation and price
  • Why you need a multidimensional approach to valuation
  • How to build your negotiation platform
  • How to be tough and still protect the buyer-seller relationship

And you’ll learn how to reach the end-game

  • What you must always (and what you must never) include in your Letter of Intent
  • The real function of due diligence
  • What to do with the lawyers
  • How to bring the deal to a timely and successful conclusion
  • After the close: the art and science of company integration

More Reasons to Read Successful Acquisitions

It’s About the Middle Market

Did you know 97% of M&A transactions are under $500 million?

Media stories cause many people to think of M&A in terms of giant transactions between international corporations. In reality, most M&A activity actually occurs in the small and mid-market sector, where Successful Acquisitions is focused.

The Roadmap Approach

In Successful Acquisitions, David Braun presents what he calls to “the Roadmap” approach to buying companies, with clearly defined steps in a three-phase plan.

It is amazing to discover how many “impulse purchases” occur in the mid-market sector. Someone sees an opportunity, gets excited about it, invents a plethora of reasons to buy, and launches into unplanned negotiations. The costs are huge: in fact, it has been calculated that most acquisitions end in failure of one kind or another.

Sensing this, too many mid-market companies are scared off acquisition as a dangerous path to take. Without a plan, it is indeed a dangerous path. But with the detailed roadmap provided in Successful Acquisitions, buying another company can prove the fastest, securest and most profitable way to grow your own.

Not So Much A Book, More A Practical Manual

Successful Acquisitions is based on first-hand experience in steering dozens of transactions through to completion. It’s a report from the frontlines of business in the specific arena of acquiring privately held mid-market companies. Rich in real-world examples, this book delivers a practical plan of action based on proven results.

Many consultants publish just a part of their recipe, in hopes that readers will turn to them for the missing ingredients. With Successful Acquisitions, author David Braun made a bold decision to hold nothing back. Every detailed step of the acquisition process is laid out for all to see. In the course of the book he explains the value of third party advisors, but he gives the reader all the information needed to conduct the entire acquisition process alone.