Don’t End Up With a Broken Heart

As we all see deal volumes and associated valuations increase, it is more important than ever to have a robust pipeline of acquisition prospects that you are evaluating, getting to know and meeting with.  We see clients every day focused on one particular candidate and end up broken-hearted when their chosen one slips away.  Could be that the business terms can’t be agreed upon, the seller gets cold feet, another suitor swoops in, or any other reason: the result is the same.  You as a strategic acquirer have dedicated resources, become enamored with one company and are left at the altar.  The solution is amazingly simple:  Have a clear picture of what you seek, identify all the potential “fit” companies and move forward with them in parallel, not in series.  This ends up in a more efficient process and certainly, based upon our experience, increases your likelihood of marrying the right partner.

Image by Fibonacci