Don’t Treat Your Business Like Day-Old Bread

for-saleA recent New York Times article, “How to Sell Your Business” provided some excellent advice about how to sell your own business. It recommended assembling “a team of attorney and an accountant that you trust”. This is good counsel and should be followed by anyone selling, or buying, a business.

However, the article also suggests using “For Sale” forums, such as Internet sites listing businesses for sale, suggesting that “most savvy buyers” research the Internet to find businesses for sale.  I strongly disagree with this.  Why would you just set your business out on a shelf like yesterday’s bread?   You should use hire a professional firm that specializes in finding businesses that meet the buyer’s specific criteria for growth, fill a need, or are otherwise the “right” company to buy.

The Internet cannot do that and for-sale business bulletin boards cannot do that. In fact, many so-called business brokers cannot do that either. It takes the right kind of experienced firm, with a proven process and in-depth research capability to identify, research, qualify and close the “right” company. Most sellers only sell a business one time and they should beware of claims that make it sound easy – it’s not.