Get the Board on Board Early

board-roomI was asked during a recent client review for my recommendation on when it was appropriate to divulge  leadership’s M&A intentions to the Board.

Based upon my experience, there is no time like the present. You want to avoid surprises. You want to get questions out “on the table” in time to develop answers. You want to avoid ‘dart throwers’ by getting your Board ‘on board’ with direction and rationale. You want to make recommendations as leaders but appropriately use advisors or the Board as ‘sounding boards’ so you can develop the right analysis and complete due diligence to the satisfaction of the ultimate decision makers.  This will enable you to maintain deal momentum with the target owner.

I could go on but, “why wait?”  Engage with your Board, educate them on you market and prospect criteria, and keep them informed.

M&A is a “big” decision, so work toward alignment and get the Board involved early.  You will save valuable resources – both human and monetary.