Little Orphan Product Lines

Our buy-side clients at Capstone are seeing the same trend that a recent Reuters article reported: “Companies are making moves to divest assets that are not essential to their operations, while stronger firms, nudged on by their boards and shareholders, are looking to grow and position themselves for the recovery.”  This leads to numerous “orphan” non-core product lines and/or business units.  This is resulting in increased deal flow, with more silent auctions and calls coming in from around the globe.  Further, JPMorgan noted: “We are seeing a pickup in serious strategic discussions that would give us more optimism for 2010.”  Capstone’s pipeline is strong and growing as proactive external growth requirements are driving leaders to “come out of the woodwork” looking for strategic assets that will offset their deficits on the organic growth side as they refine their 2010 budget forecasts.  Do you need to fill a gap? Consider that technologies and product lines are “on the market”.