Navigating the Final Phase of M&A

Signing the letter of intent (LOI) launches the final phase of the M&A process, where you delve into the details of due diligence, deal structure, closing the transaction and integration. In this third phase of the Roadmap to Acquisitions, Build the Deal, maintaining momentum remains critical. Even as the finish line is in sight, there is still much to be done in order to seal the deal and it is important to remain actively involved rather than defaulting to lawyers and accountants. In this final phase you have the opportunity to strengthen your relationship with the prospect and enrich synergies that will result from the newly formed business.

If you’ve followed the Roadmap to Acquisitions, all the work you’ve done previously in developing a strong strategic plan and building a relationship with the prospect will pay off as you navigate this final phase.

In our upcoming webinar, “M&A: From LOI to Close,” I will guide you through the final steps in the acquisition process and show you how to close the transaction.

After completing this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Explain the structure of an LOI and how to make it beneficial to your situation
  • Describe how to manage the Due Diligence process from both the viewpoint of the Buyer and the Seller
  • Utilize strategies to negotiate an agreement that is beneficial to both sides
  • Identify how valuation is affected during the Due Diligence and Closing processes
  • Recognize what is expected at Closing
  • Begin to execute your Integration game plan

Date: Thursday, December 17, 2015

CPE credit available.

Photo credit: Hugo via Flickr cc