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5 Questions to Jump-Start Your Acquisition Plan

5 Questions to Jump-Start Your Acquisition Plan

In my over 20 years of helping companies grow through acquisitions, I can say the secret to a successful deal is having a solid, strategic approach to M&A. This is true for middle market manufacturers, technology startups, family-owned food and beverage companies, and divisions of publicly traded firms. Having a plan is the first step […]

2 Topics to Avoid at the Thanksgiving and the Deal Table

2 Topics to Avoid at the Thanksgiving and the Deal Table

It’s almost time for Thanksgiving here in the US and for many of us that means traveling to be with our families and friends. If you’re like most folks, there may be a few topics you steer clear of as you gather around the dinner table this Thursday. In the same way, when meeting with […]

Strategic Growth and M&A: 3 Key Takeaways from PPS 2018

Last week Capstone Managing Director, John Dearing, spoke at the Private Practice Section (PPS) 2018 Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado on “Strategic Growth: Big Data, Cash Cows, and Mangy Dogs.” John was joined by co-presenters Steve Stalzer and Emily Bagby of 8150 Advisors.  The presentation covered how physical therapy practice owners can grow their organizations long-term by establishing a firm foundation and exploring multiple growth pathways including strategic mergers and acquisitions. Below are three […]

So you've signed a letter of intent, now what?

So, You’ve Signed a Letter of Intent, Now What?

After signing a letter of intent (LOI), there are still many steps to take before closing a transaction including due diligence, final valuation, negotiations, papering legal documents, and integration planning.   With many complex, specialized steps to move the deal forward, this period can be challenging to navigate, but also presents opportunities for strategic acquirers who have […]

After Midterm Elections, What’s Next for Mergers & Acquisitions?

After Midterm Elections, What’s Next for Mergers & Acquisitions?

Historically elections have been a source of uncertainty for the business community which can slow mergers and acquisitions activity. Now that the midterm elections have passed, what’s next for M&A activity? 2018 has been one of the most active years for dealmaking – with M&A deal value hitting a new high of $3.3 trillion globally. […]

Don't forget to ask why in acquisitions

Don’t Forget to Ask “Why?”

Many executives don’t take enough time to think about the “why” of acquisition. They focus on conducting research, identifying targets, negotiation with owners and valuing companies and gloss over these grounding questions. But the foundation of every successful acquisition lies in your strategic rationale. Without this foundation, it’s impossible to guide your endeavors. If you embark […]

Tax Inversions

Taxes and M&A: 6 Key Areas Buyers and Sellers Should Focus On

The new tax law signed on December 22, 2017 is the most significant tax reform package that has been passed since 1986 and has numerous changes that will directly and indirectly impact corporate America and deals. Here we have highlighted key areas buyers and sellers should focus on when it comes to taxes under the […]

6 reasons sellers get spooked

6 Reasons Sellers Get Spooked in Acquisitions

Sarah’s company had been speaking to the prospect for months and was almost ready to sign a letter of intent, when all of a sudden, the seller changed his mind and walked away from the deal. Sarah and her team were stunned and left asking, “What happened?” Unfortunately, deals do fall apart for a variety […]

Virginia Conference on World Trade in Richmond

Capstone Attends Virginia Conference on World Trade

Last week Capstone Vice President Matt Craft attended the Virginia Conference on World Trade in Richmond, Virginia. The conference brings together business leaders committed to developing and cultivating international partnerships and is hosted by the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP), Virginia Chamber of Commerce, Virginia Manufacturers Association, and the Virginia Maritime Association. During the conference, […]

Facebook Looks to Boost Cybersecurity with Acquisition

Facebook Looks to Boost Cybersecurity with Acquisition

Facebook is said to be the latest firm looking to bolster its cybersecurity capabilities through acquisition. Facebook recently detected a breach affecting 30 million users. This latest news comes on top of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and has negatively impacted the technology giant. Cyber security is increasingly an area of concern for many companies across […]

How do you go about exploring an acquisition with a competitor

How Do You Go About Exploring an Acquisition with a Competitor?

Growing by acquiring a competitor is a common tactic for companies looking to quickly grab market share through a consolidation. However, exploring an acquisition opportunity with a rival can be awkward as neither party wants to give the other a competitive advantage by sharing company secrets. Typically, a rival, especially in a not-for-sale situation will […]

How Buyers Unintentionally Destroy Acquisition Value in Integration

How Buyers (Unintentionally) Destroy Acquisition Value in Integration

Integration proves to be one of the most difficult pieces of the M&A puzzle to get right. Buyers often try integrating the target’s systems into their own, only to realize too late they are destroying the very value they wished to acquire. Large food companies are learning this lesson from past mistakes and adjusting their […]

Why You Need a Mergers & Acquisitions Lawyer

Why You Need a Mergers & Acquisitions Lawyer

Most people know they will need a lawyer to finalize an acquisition, but many assume any lawyer will do. This is not true. While your attorney friend may be a top-notch patent lawyer, chances are he or she will not be equipped to offer specialized guidance in mergers and acquisitions. Think about it this way: […]

M&A Update 3Q 2018.

M&A Update: 3Q 2018

Global M&A value reached $3.3 trillion in the first nine months of 2018, an increase of 37% while the number of deals decreased by 9% when compared to the same period in 2017. Despite this record-breaking M&A activity, announced deals in the third quarter slowed by 32% to $743 billion when compared to the $1.2 […]

3 Mistakes Credit Unions Make in M&A

3 Mistakes Credit Unions Make in Strategic Mergers & Acquisitions

Done right, external growth through a strategic partnership, merger, or acquisition can propel your credit union to the next level, helping you bring value to members and your organization. Although rewarding, external growth can be a complicated process that’s not without risk. Here are the top three mistakes credit union leaders make and how you […]

What Is Included in the Purchase Agreement?

What Is Included in the Purchase Agreement?

The purchase agreement is the legal document that officially seals the deal between buyer and seller. While each transaction is unique, most agreements contain the following sections: Sale and Purchase – This section includes the terms of the transaction such as the Buyer and Seller names, type of transaction, Stock, Asset, or Merger, and the […]

Michael Kors Buys Versace - 3 Lessons for Strategic Acquirers

Michael Kors to Buy Versace – 3 Lessons for Acquirers

Michael Kors will purchase Versace for $2.1 billion as part of a plan to build a luxury fashion empire. After the deal closes, Michael Kors will change its name to Capri Holdings and have 18,000 employees worldwide. While you may (or may not) be a fashionista, here are three lessons any strategic acquirer can learn […]

CU Conferences Products and Services Conference 2018

How to Offer the Right Products and Services for Members – Capstone Speaks at CU Conferences

In today’s fast-paced business environment, offering the right products and services to keep up with with member demand and technological changes can be a challenge. To succeed credit unions must first determine what their members want and then determine how to offer the best solution. Capstone Managing Director John Dearing explored these topics with credit union […]

Alibaba acquires 10% stake in Mail.Ru

China’s Alibaba Expands Ecommerce Presence in Russia with Minority Stake in Mail.Ru

Alibaba, China’s internet giant, will purchase a 10% stake of Mail.Ru, one of Russia’s largest internet companies, to expand its ecommerce reach in Russia. As part of the deal, Alibaba, Mail.Ru, telecom company MegaFon, and Russia’s sovereign wealth fund, will form a joint venture called AliExpress Russia. Alibaba will have a 48% stake in the […]

Millennials: A Generation Credit Unions Can’t Afford to Ignore

Millennials: A Generation Credit Unions Can’t Afford to Ignore

Millennials have surpassed baby boomers and now account for roughly 80 million people in the US. More importantly, millennials have massive buying power, spending roughly $600 billion per year, which is projected to reach $1.4 trillion by 2020, and will comprise 75% of the global workforce by 2025. In contrast, the average age of credit […]