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How to Bring the Right Team to the Negotiation Table

How to Bring the Right Team to the Negotiation Table

When negotiating for an acquisition, we always recommend you, as the buyer, try to match the seller’s negotiation team. Many owners are selling their company for the first time and in most cases their company will be smaller than yours. Arriving to the negotiation table with a swarm of lawyers can be overwhelming and may […]

4 Reasons to Consider External Growth for Your Credit Union

4 Reasons to Consider External Growth for Your Credit Union

Today’s economic environment is changing rapidly. Consumers are embracing fintech and new players are moving into the credit union space. At the same time, the cost of compliance is rising and non-interest income is dwindling. What does this mean for credit unions? The days of going about business as usual are gone. In order to […]

PPS Impact Magazine Article by John Dearing, Capstone

How to Prepare Your Practice for Sale – New Article in PPS Impact Magazine

Are you thinking about selling your practice? Whether you are thinking about retiring or moving on to a new company, a robust plan is a must for maximizing your success.There are many factors to consider including determining your goals, understanding the financial and legal implications of a sale, and knowing which advisors you’ll need on […]

M&A in Review: Top posts from 1H 2018

M&A in Review: Top Posts from 1H 2018

The first half of 2018 has been a busy year for mergers and acquisitions activity. Globally announced deal value reached $2.1 trillion, up 56% from the same period in 2017 largely driven by an uptick in mega deals over $5 billion. Here’s a look back at the most popular posts from the Successful Acquisitions blog […]

How to Buy a Company When the Owner is Not Willing to Sell Today

How to Buy a Company When the Owner is Not Willing to Sell Today

Despite your best efforts to convince an owner to sell, sometimes you will find that an owner of a not-for-sale company is just not ready to let go – even if he or she thinks partnering with your company is the right decision. In some cases, you will have to part ways and move on […]

How to Avoid Negotiating In Circles

How Can You Avoid Negotiating in Circles?

We had been in negotiations with the seller, Martin, and his team all day and despite diverging perspectives on a few issues we had managed to nail down several important aspects of the agreement involving intellectual property and key employee contracts. The next afternoon when we resumed negotiations, Martin brought up the employee contracts again […]

Insights from AXFI

Credit Unions, Analytics, and Innovation – Insights from AXFI

Last week John Dearing, Capstone’s Managing Director, attended the 2018 Analytics and Financial Innovation (AXFI) Conference in Minneapolis. Here are few of John’s observations from AXFI: Data used the right way for decision-making and segmenting can help an organization be more successful, especially when it is marketing to and trying to retain members There is […]

Are You Ready to Do An Acquisition

Are You Ready to Do an Acquisition?

Buying another company is an excellent tactic for growing your company, but are you really ready to do a deal? About 77% of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) fail due to a variety of issues ranging from lack of strategic alignment to incomplete due diligence to culture clashes. A bad acquisition can leave a company worse […]

AT&T Time Warner Merger Gets Approved, Expect More Media Mergers

AT&T – Time Warner Deal Gets Green Light, Expect More Media Deals

On Tuesday AT&T and Time Warner received approval for their $85 billion merger that brings together channels like CNN, HBO with the number two mobile carrier in the US. The deal is just the start of what is shaping up to be a very busy year for technology and media mergers and acquisitions. Less than […]

5 Ways to Balance Being Tough with Playing Nice in M&A Negotiations

5 Ways to Balance Being Tough with Playing Nice in M&A Negotiations

Negotiating for an acquisition is unlike most other negotiations where once the deal is finalized, you and the other party will part ways never to see each other again. With strategic acquisitions, often you will continue working with the seller once the transaction closes so protecting your relationship throughout the acquisition process, including during negotiations, […]

Negotiate in Parallel

Negotiating in Parallel

One of the secrets to negotiating a successful acquisition is to negotiate in parallel, not in series. Rather than negotiating each point one by one, put all the issues on the table and discuss them at the same time. While it may seem overwhelming to juggle multiple issues at once, this approach is a much […]

Capstone Strategic Advises Kaneka on Deal with AB-Biotics of Spain

Capstone Strategic Advises Kaneka on Deal with AB-Biotics of Spain

Kaneka Corporation entered into a licensing agreement for AB-Biotics’ probiotic technology in Japan and North America and has acquired 34.8% of AB-Biotics shares. Capstone Strategic, Inc. (Capstone) announced today that Kaneka Corporation (Kaneka) of Tokyo, Japan and AB-Biotics, S.A. (ABB) of Barcelona, Spain have signed a licensing agreement which grants Kaneka the exclusive right to […]

The Letter of Intent

What Not to Include in the Letter of Intent

A letter of intent (LOI) is one of the most commonly used tools for moving a deal forward. The LOI outlines the basic parameters for an acquisition including the period of exclusivity, purchase price and consideration, preferred deal structure, and expiration date. The LOI is your chance to communicate the strategic value of an acquisition […]

Technology and Media Consolidation Fuels M&A Activity

Technology and Media Consolidation Fuels M&A Activity

As expected, mergers and acquisitions activity in 2018 is off to a strong start with deal value already reaching $2 trillion this year. Tax reform, which lowered the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21% has certainly impacted activity as many companies are already putting their tax savings to work in deals. One interesting trend we’ve seen […]

how does fintech impact your CU

What Is Fintech? And How Does It Impact Your Credit Union?

“Fintech” is a buzzword everyone is hearing today, but what does it really mean and how does it impact your organization? Kirk Drake CEO of Ongoing Operations and CU 2.0 and John Dearing, Managing Director of Capstone recently discussed these questions in a webinar. “Fintech is nontraditional services that are financial in nature provided by […]

Why Strategic Alignment is Paramount to Acquisition Success

Why Strategic Alignment is Paramount to Acquisition Success

“It can be the best financial deal on the planet, but if it doesn’t fit our strategy…we’re not interested.” This quote from Gary Norcross, President and CEO of Fidelity National Information Services, expresses a simple principle: In order to be successful, an acquisition must be strategic in nature. One of the primary reasons acquisitions fail […]

How to develop your due diligence checklist

How to Develop Your Due Diligence Checklist

Buyers often think using a due diligence checklist is the best way to ensure thorough due diligence on the target, but this may not always be the case. A generic list developed by outside “experts” may focus on non-essential issues while glossing over items that are critical to your deal. This is because each acquisition […]

Nestle signs deal to sell packaged Starbucks products

Competing by Acquiring – Lessons from the Walmart-Flipkart and Nestlé-Starbucks Deals

There are many reasons to execute an acquisition from entering a new market to adding a new capability to increasing your bottom line. One of the most common reasons to buy another company is to prevent your competitor from owning it. Acquiring out of a defensive position to prevent a competitor from owning a key […]

Credit Unions CUSOs and Fintech

Credit Unions, CUSOs and Fintech – 3 Tips for Finding the Right Partner

It’s no secret that credit unions must embrace technology in order to succeed in today’s marketplace. Last year, $31 billion were invested in the fintech industry through M&A, venture financing, and private equity buyouts. In the last four years funding for fintech startups has increased at a compound annual growth rate of 41%, reaching $40 billion […]

Wrong Way to do M&A

The Wrong Way to Approach M&A – Singing “We’re in the Money”

By now, many of you have heard the clip of Sainsbury’s CEO caught singing “We’re in the Money” into a hot mic prior to his interview about the merger between Sainsbury and Asda. For all the corporate, flowery language touting the benefits of the merger, this unguarded moment seemed to reveal the truth to the […]