Road Trip

map-south-east-us2I recently had the opportunity to drive over 1,500 miles over a five-day span throughout the southeastern US.  Two things stood out to me during my drive.  One was the number of shuttered motels, empty and fenced-in distribution centers, and vacant storefronts in small towns and strip centers.  All glaring examples of the on-going economic issues facing the country.

The other thing, however, was an equal number of new motels, new and bustling stores and shops, and numerous service and manufacturing businesses obviously enjoying success and growth.  This dichotomy was side-by-side; regional influences and general economic malaise could not account for the differences.

I believe the difference was the planning and foresight of some owners, and the lack of same by others.  Obviously, some owners see these times as an opportunity – they are willing to think ahead and to plan, and to execute upon those plans, while others wither and die as they “wait to be rescued”.  Don’t be like those shuttered motels and fenced-in empty businesses – take the effort to plan ahead and be opportunistic – if not now, when?