Selecting the Best Markets for Acquisitions: A Georgetown Webinar Presented by John Dearing of Capstone

Capstone Managing Director and Georgetown Alumni (MBA ’96) John Dearing presented “Selecting the Best Market for Acquisition” for Georgetown Alumni Career Services on January 20. The webinar was the second in a four-part series by Capstone and the university on “Pursuing Mergers and Acquisitions.”

John emphasized selecting the right markets before pursuing individual companies in order to maximize the chances of a successful acquisition. After all, a business that is profitable today but in a declining market may be struggling — or even gone in a year.

To identify the right market, John said, business leaders should consider which markets they would like to reach, which industries are growing and what their customers are demanding. Next, they should evaluate which of these markets best suits their strategic plan for the business.

This demand-driven approach — perfected by Capstone over the past 20 years — has yielded a higher-than-industry standard success rate in closing acquisitions. By following the same methodology taught by John in the webinar, business leaders can mitigate their risk and increase their likelihood of M&A success.

Watch the webinar recording.

Pursuing Mergers and Acquisitions Webinar Series

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