Successful Acquisitions – Book Launch Webinar!

Mark your calendars for April 10th! It’s the official launch date for my new book Successful Acquisitions.

To celebrate Successful Acquisitions, I’ll be hosting a free, live webinar. This is your chance to hear about the inspiration for writing Successful Acquisitions and ask me questions about the book. I’m excited to hear from you and address your comments.

Reserve your webinar spot today, as space is limited:

Successful Acquisitions is based on my experience as a third party consultant in mergers and acquisitions. Everything in the book is drawn from real-world experiences with clients I’ve worked on over the last twenty years, helping them grow their enterprises through acquisitions.

I wrote Successful Acquisitions primarily for business people, in a language that they could and understand. My goal is that you — as a CEO, CFO or senior executive — can use Successful Acquisitions to grow your company with a systematic and time-tested M&A process.

You can pick up your copy of Successful Acquisitions at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I hope you enjoy the book and see you April 10th !

Reserve your webinar spot today, as space is limited: