Why Credit Unions Are Investing in Fintech Today

Credit unions are increasingly interested in using fintechs to expand product offerings and provide enhanced member experience. Join our webinar to hear how fintechs can help your credit union grow membership and assets.

The webinar will include: 

  • Why credit unions pursue fintech partnerships
  • What it takes for credit unions to make this type of investment/decision
  • Who should consider going down this path
  • Live lessons & tips on how to be successful

Date: Wednesday, May 1

Time: 12:30 PM EDT / 11:30 AM CDT

Your presenters

John Dearing is a Managing Director at Capstone, an advisory firm focused on helping companies grow through proactive, strategic growth programs. We have helped numerous credit union and CUSO leader develop, evaluate and implement initiatives for building their organizations. Learn more at CapstoneStrategic.com. 

Nick Evens is the President of The Veridian Group, Inc., the wholly owned CUSO of Veridian Credit Union. The CUSO looks new products and services, via a CUSO relationship, that will benefit members or other credit unions. Nick also spearheaded the VentureTech forum, which brought together 10 fintech companies with accredited investors from the entire credit union industry. 

Brian Lauer is a Partner at Messick, Lauer & Smith, which has provided services to hundreds of credit unions and CUSOs nationwide and is known for its work with CUSOs, Incidental Powers, regulatory compliance, loan participation agreements, vendor contract reviews, business lending, mortgage lending, governance issues, mergers, and regulatory advocacy. Learn more at www.cusolaw.com